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Welcome to the VIDEO page. Here you will find some life-changing information and truth about life, the world, and God.

Abraham Hamilton, III gives a powerful and arguably the most important talk for Americans of our time: Discipling your children.

Dennis Prager illuminates the 10 Commandments like no ever has. This will definately give you a new outlook on the Bible.

Meeke Addison gives talk about what the anti-God schools are doing to our children; turning them away from God. Learn how to raise kids that are immune to indoctrination.

Planned Chaos Video 2: The Planned Chaos Series has been banned or erased from the internet. This is one of the few places you can still watch it. ***MUST WATCH***

"The Case For Christianity" - Dinesh D'Sousa gives a brilliant talk about how Christianity has shaped the world for good, for everyone. 

"Carl Jung and The Man-Child" If you're a man who grew up without a father and thinks it doesn't matter, think again.

Overcoming Fear - Becoming More Courageous: This video is most helpful if you find yourself being driven by fear.

The Seven Guaranteed Steps To Spiritual, Family And Financial Success By Jesse Peterson (Audiobook)

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